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  • It's a known fact: at the age of 40, testoterone (the power hormone in men) decreases and affects libido (erection issues and decreased sexual desire). Yarsagumba, a natural aphrodisiac, increases your testoterone levels and allows you to achieve amazing performances as of the first take. There are no risks and adverse reactions associated.

    30,00 €
  • Pure gel of Aloe Vera. Ideal for treating your skin: burns, bites, wounds.

    29,90 €
  • Thanks to the properties of therapeutic hemp (fully authorized since June 7, 2013), this treatment helps relieve pain, tension and depression without any psychotropic effect. It promotes well-being and happiness from the very first days of use.

    30,00 €
  • Your liver is an essential organ for all your health. If your liver is tired, engorged you are too. In reverse, once tonic and detoxified is a pledge of good health. Hepatoncare is a natural treatment that cleanses, tones and detoxifies your liver, thus promoting a return to more vitality, health, and energy.

    30,00 €