• The Rapide-30 ingredients, combined in the right proportions, allow your metabolism to remove your extra pounds quickly and effectively while you're sleeping.

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  • Don’t be afraid to smile again! Sowhite makes you get whiter teeth and a beautiful smile from the first application. This natural gel descales your teeth gently, without any danger for your enamel.

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  • Enrichi à la fibre de cuivre thérapeutique. Ce textile révolutionnaire confortable et extensible crée une chaleur régulière et diffuse en continu des ions anti-douleurs. Son action antalgique est quasi immédiate et l'inflammation disparait en quelques heures.

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  • Over the years our telomeres (extremities of the chromosomes) are deteriorating; it’s this phenomenon that is responsible for aging. Télovie+ is a cure rich in Cycloastragenol, a natural molecule that promotes the repairs of telomeres. Thus Telovie+ helps to slow aging effectively.

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